A downloadable The Crown for Windows, macOS, and Linux

As the sole heir to the throne of Selchar, you have responsibilities that you will have to handle.  One of them is securing the throne by marrying a prince. 

There have been anonymous attacks on the royalty lately and the eight kingdoms decided to meet up at your palace to discuss the problems among the kingdoms as there have also been droughts and natural disasters. Among the royal people who are staying over, the seven eligible princes will also be there.

Whether you choose to pursue Prince Jeongguk, Prince Taehyung, Prince Jimin, Prince Hoseok, Prince Yoongi, Prince Seokjin, or Prince Namjoon, the path you will take will be different. You'll come across betrayal, romance, and lies.

Will you survive?



****An interactive visual novel surrounding you and the BTS members, made by Nochu Studios. Follow @nochustudios on Instagram and Twitter (Twitter will be much more active).

Please tweet #BTSTheCrown to spread the game and to support the creator!

The Crown is free to play, donations are optional and are appreciated!

The game will be uploaded periodically in parts -- THIS IS NOT THE COMPLETE GAME.

Nochu Studios is in no way affiliated with Bighit Entertainment.

Install instructions

Download either mac or window or pc (if others don't work). Extract the file. Double-click the folder, then double-click "the-crown".


Windows 57 MB
Mac 56 MB
Linux 62 MB
PC (use if others don't work) 73 MB

Development log


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Will you ever update it again?-

It's a really really good game omg, but I wanted to ask If you are still working on the game?

Hi! I absolutely love the game so far, but I just want to know if it's still being worked on? And also, I've tried playing it multiple times before, but I can't seem to get anything but the bad end. Is it just because this is the demo? Or am I just making the wrong choices?

Is it possible to make it for android ?

I LOVE BTS!!!! :

Please continue the game I love it

IT IS GREAT!, i love it so much! it does deserve a lot more attention and i will let  all my friends know about it.. hope we can see the next update soon, can you tell us when? SUPER EXCITED! >.<. 

I just made a account just to comment how beautiful this is. Its so- well done! and you created this BY YOURSELF! Man if I tried I'd give up straight away (since i'm like that...I give up lots owo;;) but anyway, good job and I am just like blown away. I feel like crying on how beautiful it is but I won't xD .

Deleted 1 year ago

Thank you for your support!

this is a really nicely made game! the art is drawn beautifully and the imagery provided in the game makes you feel as if you're really there. the soundtrack is well chosen and the plot is also very addicting and creative. can't wait for the rest of the game to come out!

Thank you for your kind words! Stay tuned for updates!

I love the game!I like the writing style,the fact that the boys are drawn(very beautifuly) rather than cropped pictures like in most bts visual novels.I also like the fact that you chose a fairy-tale like environment rather than a boring highschool and you decided to put a little mystery into the story,not just plain romance.And the bits of funny inside-info about the real BTS are a nice add.I cannot wait to play the full game!Will it be free?

I once played a similar visual novel on tumblr,same setting but with exo and it was a demo and the creator didn't finish it(it's been years) and I felt so sad :(( and now you make this,I'm so happy!<3

PS: As a little constructive criticism,I found the font size to be too small and uncomfortable to read,I hope you don't mind me :)

I'm really looking forward to new updates!^_^

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Thank you so much for playing the demo and commenting! Glad to hear you enjoy it :) Since The Crown is being made by only one person (me), it will take some time for each part to come out. Hope you’re patient! Thank you for the font suggestion and I’ll be sure to make it bigger! Don’t forget to spread #BTSTheCrown on Twitter! :)

Edit: Forgot to answer one of your questions! Yes, it will be free :) I  do not intend to make profit off this game. It’s  simply a fun game for ARMYs. Donations are open though!